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Instructor Certification Courses

An assessment and reassessment process, functionally based PT designed wellness classes with a multitude of variations, specialty classes, class outlines to follow, instructor certifications, updates, and new offerings, access to our Network provider HUB, quality assurance process, nationally recognized program

$699 initial fee, $99 annual renewal fee

Learn how to conduct rehab class for seniors who are frail or managing multiple medical conditions with appropriate warm-up exercises and routines using music to complete low impact aerobics, simple dance moves, chair aerobics, intervals, and power moves.


Understand the assessment and screening process that coordinates with class placement. 


Obtain multiple class outlines for all 4 classes with variations for constant variety. All rehab exercises classes include functional strengthening, balance, coordination, cognitive exercises, vestibular exercise, stretching and more.

$475 initial fee, $75 annual renewal fee


Become certified to teach CoreHab® and provide wellness solutions to prevent and manage back pain and osteoporosis, as well as increase core strength and provide the next step for physical therapy patients. This comprehensive CoreHab® certification is a combination/blend of spinal stabilization concepts and principles, yoga, pelvic floor strengthening, and Pilates. Multiple class outlines are provided for constant variety.


$475 initial fee, $75 annual renewal fee

Arthritis is a condition of great concern to older adults. Whether they have had a joint replacement or not, many worry that exercise will cause further pain or damage to their joints. However, we know this is not the case! 


As a certified JointHab® instructor, learn how to teach older adults to safely exercise without exacerbating joint pain symptoms. Instruct them in considerations for form, posture, pacing, dosing activity, and pain management. Obtain multiple class outlines with variations for constant variety.


TherHab® has developed multiple functional levels for this program: JointHab® Get Moving, JointHab® Strengthen and Stretch, and JointHab® KneeHab and HipHab.

This certification will give you the exact knowledge and programming to teach:

​JointHab® Get Moving:  A class for individuals with moderate to severe arthritis

​JointHab® Strengthen and Stretch:  A class for individuals with mild/moderate arthritis​

JointHab® – KneeHab an HipHab: Total Knee and Hip replacement preparation and recovery.  Pre/post-rehab programming

Obtain class outlines with variations for constant variety


Power, Flex, Flow, Chair

$475 initial fee, $75 annual renewal fee

Many older adults are hesitant or unable to complete traditional yoga poses due to range of motion deficits, balance concerns, or bone density concerns. However, they would still benefit greatly from regular practice!


By completing the YogaHab® certification, you will learn adaptive yoga poses in a variety of positions (standing, seated, supine) to provide a rehabilitative class with the goals of enhancing strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, motor control, kinesthetic senses, and improved posture. Obtain multiple class outlines with variations for constant variety. 


TherHab® has developed options for multiple functional levels: YogaHab® Chair, YogaHab® Power, and YogaHab® Flow, YogaHab® Flex