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Improve Posture, Reduce pain, Change lives

$475 initial fee, $75 annual renewal fee


Between a weak core, inactivity, insufficient muscle engagement, impaired posture, and poor body mechanics it is no surprise back pain is a common complaint among the elderly. Extensive scientific research shows the effectiveness of exercise and physical therapy for conservative management of low back pain. Exercises must be performed in a safe progression for prolonged period, but an individual may no longer be appropriate for individual therapy. How does one bridge the gap?


Become certified to teach CoreHab® and provide wellness solutions for individuals to prevent and manage back pain as well as providing the next step for physical therapy patients. This comprehensive CoreHab® certification is a combination/blend of spinal stabilization physical therapy concepts and principles, yoga, pelvic floor strengthening, and Pilates. Multiple class outlines are provided for constant variety.

CoreHab Saturday February 22nd