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Physical and Occupational Therapy

Call 864-525-2654 today to schedule your FREE

20-minute Physical Therapy Consultation!

The Best Physical and Occupational Therapy for Seniors in Simpsonville!

We provide personalized one-on-one treatment for a full hour.  This extra attention allows our physical and occupational therapists to create a long-term plan for our patients.

We specialize in balance, gait, fall prevention, vestibular rehab, functional strengthening, and orthopedics.

Call to Schedule Your Appointment Today at 864-525-2654

Come to our PT designed and supervised fitness classes for seniors!

TherHab Fitness

Designed and supervised by a

physical therapist!  

Try our YogaHab, ChiHab, CoreHab,JointHab, DanceHab and more!  

Attend on Zoom or in our Clinic

Our physical therapy and Therapeutic Fitness classes (TherHab Fitness)

are perfect for anyone looking to exercise with the expertise of a physical therapist:

  • Exercise for the management and treatment of Parkinson's Disease

  • Non- surgical exercise approach to joint or back pain

  • Exercise Following a joint replacement

  • Exercise to improve  Balance

  • Exercise for Fall prevention

  • Exercise for arthritis pain

  • Exercise for Stroke rehabilitation

  • Exercises for osteoporosis 

  • Exercise for vestibular disorders

  • and more!

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