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Physical Therapist Designed and Supervised


Small Group Fitness Classes.

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Get moving with this fun and energetic class! Perfect for individuals ready to try a faster and more challenging class with a format that is simple and easy to modify- options given to add variety and coordination challenges. The class can be modified to be performed at the balance bar for individuals who have deficits in balance. Class includes low impact aerobics, functional strengthening, balance training and stretching - all you need to stay fit and strong!


StrengthHab WH.png

 Good for a variety of individuals, including those that use a cane. It is also ideal for those who wish to prevent falls, increase functional strength and mobility. This class is a little more challenging with a faster pace and longer aerobics. 

The cross-training approach with StrengthHab includes multiple formats that change every day for constant fun variety and maximal improvement in health, endurance, strength, posture, balance, and flexibility. Variations: 



STeayHab.WH psd.png

If you use a walker or a cane for balance, have limited endurance, or are just beginning an exercise program this class is a good choice. Ideal for individuals who are concerned about their balance, strength and walking ability.  It is also perfect for anyone with a history of falling or anyone who needs assistance to get up from a chair. Standing exercises are performed while holding the balance bar and sitting in the chair.


Variations: Dance and Basic

JointHab WH.png

Participants learn how to safely exercise with arthritis without exacerbating symptoms. Our physical therapist provides instruction in individual precautions, modifications, contraindications, proper alignment, and ways to safely progress the exercise program. Class will include safe low impact aerobics, functional strengthening exercises with an emphasis on gentle stretches and range of motion.


This class contains a unique blend of physical therapy spinal stabilization exercises, Pilates, pelvic floor strengthening, and yoga. The exercises utilized in this class are performed regularly in physical therapy sessions for patients with back pain. By providing them in a group setting, participants are able to strengthen their back, core, and pelvic floor muscles in order to reduce back pain and improve balance, posture, and overall ability to move and feel better. Strengthening of the pelvic floor will also help to manage incontinence. This class is perfect for those who wish to strengthen their core muscles to support the spine or for those who already have some back pain.

PowerHab WH.png

This very fun and innovative class includes functional lower extremity strengthening throughout the entire aerobics section! Participants will get their functional leg strengthening while getting the heart rate up with aerobics! 


It is an efficient way to exercise, good for cross training. The wonderful thing about this class is the fact it can be easily modified to meet different functional levels.

If you are serious about improving your agility this challenging class is for you! Power intervals include gentle plyometrics and power drills H.I.T. training.



Transition through functional poses with an emphasis on strengthening the postural muscles as well as dynamically challenging your standing balance. This invigorating class will improve confidence in strength, posture, movement, and balance. 



 Perfect combination of poses performed standing, seated, and on the floor. This class has an emphasis on core strengthening, postural exercise, ease of movement and stretching with deep breathing incorporated. 



An excellent total body workout.  Emphasis on core strengthening, postural exercise, and ease of movement will also be a focus. This class is perfect for individuals looking to work on coordination and stretching, who may have an issue standing for long periods of time 

STeayHab.WH psd.png

This class is ideal for individuals who use a walker or a cane for balance and stability, if you need arm rests to get up from a chair, if you have fallen, if you have poor stamina, if you have completed PT in the past, this class is for you!  Are you wanting to walk better, get up from a chair, stairs and curbs with ease? Join us in this challenging yet enjoyable PT designed wellness class! 

StepHab WH.png

Lots of variety and challenge with this combination of fun, slow-paced step aerobics mixed with low impact aerobics. The use of the step is a very effective way to strengthen the legs with power moves! You will gain leg strength making it easier to get up from a lower surface, hike, and ascend stairs. A great way to keep yourself challenged to continually improve your fitness and stamina. 

DanceHab WH.png

If you like line dancing, then you will love this class. Participants enjoy the cognitive challenge and fun of remembering small simple patterns to make a routine. Routines change every week, so you never get bored. A fun and easy way to get your cardio in, DanceHab® uses upbeat dance music to get you moving. 


This class is perfect for individuals who really want to increase their endurance and are comfortable balancing while doing simple choreography. DanceHab® uses simple dance patterns that build on each other to keep challenging participants in balance, flexibility, coordination, endurance and strength. 


The DanceHab® aerobics is followed by functional strengthening with weights and bands and ends with stretching.

ReadyHab. WH png.png

This class is designed for individuals just beginning an exercise program. Members often begin with this class and then add or move on to other classes under the advice of a physical therapist. 


This is a well- balanced class! It contains all the necessary components of wellness exercise: low impact aerobics, balance, strengthening, and flexibility. 


The class contains a self – paced structure where individuals can work at the correct intensity and complexity to meet their personal fitness needs. A base exercise is demonstrated along with instructions in possible modifications and challenges

ChiHab provider.png

ChiHab® is a blend of neuroplasticity, vestibular rehab, functional strengthening, cognitive exercise and coordination training combined with principles from Tai Chi. 


Have fun performing postures that build on one another to improve leg strength balance, coordination, flexibility and ease of movement with  this fun and dynamic class.

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