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Physical Therapist Designed and Supervised


Small Group Fitness Classes.

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MoveHab Wh.png

A fun and energentic class that includes easy to follow aerobics, functional strengthening, balance, and stretching exercises.

Level 3


DanceHab WH.png

DanceHab® uses dance patterns that build on each other to keep challenging participants' balance, flexibility, coordination, endurance, and strength. 

The DanceHab® aerobics is followed by functional strengthening and ends with stretching.

Level 3

PowerHab WH.png

This interval class includes modified H.I.T. (high intenity interval training). It combines aerobics, strength, balance, flexbility exercises.  

Level 3

ReadyHab. WH png.png

This class mixes both slower and faster paced aerobics with functional  strengthening, balance, and flexibility.

Level 2-3

StrengthHab WH.png

This class includes aerobic moves that challenge your blance, functional strengthening, and balance, and flexibility exercises. Some of the exercises are completed seated in a chair, and bars are used for some standing exercises.  

Level 2

STeayHab.WH psd.png

This is a beginner class that combines aerobics, functional strength, balance, and flexibility. Some of the exercises are done seated in a chair, and participants are encouraged to use bars while standing if they need addiitional support.  

Level 1

cody reaching_edited.jpg
JointHab WH.png

Class will includes functional strengthening exercises with an emphasis on gentle stretches and range of motion.

Level 2


This class contains a unique blend of physical therapy spinal stabilization exercises, Pilates, pelvic floor strengthening, and yoga. CoreHab Mat is completed primarily on the floor or low treatment table. CoreHab Chair is done in a chair or standing next to a chair or bar.

Level 2-3 



Link your movement with your breath in this yoga-inspired class. Class combines seated and standing exercises that challenge your balance, improve your flexibility, and body-weight  strength. Taking your shoes off is optional.

Level 2-3

StepHab WH.png

Lots of variety and challenge with this combination of fun, slow-paced step aerobics mixed with low impact aerobics. Bars can be used to help with balance. 

Level 2-3  

ChiHab provider.png

ChiHab® is a blend of neuroplasticity, vestibular rehab, functional strengthening, cognitive exercise and coordination training combined with principles from Tai Chi. 

 Level 2

Our physical therapy and Therapeutic Fitness classes (TherHab Fitness) are perfect for anyone looking to exercise with the expertise of a physical therapist:

Exercise for Parkinson's Disease Management and Treatment

Non- surgical approach to joint or back pain

Exercise Following a joint replacement

Balance and Fall prevention

Exercise for to improve balance

Exercise for arthritis pain

Exercise for Stroke rehabilitation

Exercises for osteoporosis management and prevention

Exercise for vestibular disorders

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