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"GroupHab has restored my balance and the use of my body to move normally. The atmosphere of the classes is conducive to enjoying exercising. The GroupHab staff consistently changes the exercises to challenge our thinking as well as our bodies."

Sharon Young

"GroupHab has been life changing for me. After two months, cut my BP medication in half and my leg strength, stamina, and balance is much better. It is a fun activity that I look forward to."

Gerald Grove

"GroupHab is wonderful program. Arthritis has been a part my life for many years. With the classes and exercise programs I am now doing at GroupHab my quality of life has greatly improved."

Molly Draper

"When I first came to GroupHab it was for individual PT. The Sciatica I was having was so bad I could not tolerate sitting in the car for more than 45 minutes before the pain became too much to drive. The sciatica problem and a knee problem got better and I joined the CoreHab class and have sinice eliminated sciatica pain in sitting and have developed much more abdominal and core strength to support this 80+ year old spine."

Steve Fisher

"GroupHab has been a blessing and has changed my life. I improved my balance and the aerobic classes are designed for the more “mature” The staff is great. The atmosphere is friendly and caring.
Thank you Patrice,Natalie, and Jessica."

Lana Zack

Very supportive, clean, friendly environment. I LOVE GroupHab. The help I've received here has given me back my life. Patrice, and all of the staff, really know how to bring out your best in a fun and engaging way.

Faye Brentnell

A very personalized program of therapy and exercise provided by exceptional professionals - such a warm, understanding and encouraging environment 💞

Edna Zander

The therapist communicate with the group on a personal level as you exercise. The one on one therapy followed by group exercises has improved my body and my life. The additional benefit is the new friends I have made that are in the group.

Nancy Collins

"I can’t thank you enough for starting GroupHab. The program has been of tremendous benefit to me in every way, physical, emotional, spiritual….Truly life enhancing!!! God Bless you for your tremendous effort in this."

Mary Brown

"My mom, Betty Thompson, is 86 and has Parkinson’s. She was prone to falls and had begun to “shuffle” walk with a pronounced “bent-over” posture. She had to have my assistance every time she got out of bed during the night.
We feel extremely fortunate to have discovered GroupHab. Mom began her StrengthHab class in July and can now walk with a normal gait and straight posture. She loves her classes and the friends she has made, and I no longer have to get up with her during the night, giving her back some independence and me more sleep!!"

Elaine Byers

Stretching exercises have helped me to relieve pain and strengthing exercises have definitely made me stronger! They care about you and are serious about helping you to improve. When you realize the program is helping, you are much more willing to put effort into your homework. GroupHab is the physical therapy that I have experienced.

Ellen Thompson

"It was a lucky day for me when our doctor told my husband that he would benefit from physical therapy. She suggested that he go to GroupHab, founded by Dr. Patrice Hazan, a physical therapist and gerontologist. She has been successful in her unique approach to help participants attain balance to prevent falls. Because of two recent surgeries,it seemed unlikely that more physical therapy would help me, but I asked to begin also. With individual guidance, I made prescribed movements within my limited range. Progress was measured and recorded. When I could stand unaided at the bar, I wanted to celebrate!
I am now in a class setting exercising to music. My limitation of physical activities will continue. However, I can now enjoy doing things that make life meaningful such as meeting with friends, going to church, and doing tasks at home. My husband and I enjoy going to therapy at GroupHab. In addition to her other attributes, I think Patrice is the kindest person I have ever known. Her staff also reflects these same qualities that help patients succeed."

Edna Franks

I was struggling with hip and leg problems. I was sent to GroupHab for therapy. The Therapist had me going in less than 2 months. So I joined to be able to do classes daily and I love the classes the therapist and the friends I’ve made. GroupHab has changed my life.

Sharon Chandler

"I have always been very active, but as with most seniors, time begins to change us. I recognized this was happening to me and wanted to become stronger, more sure footed before I fell and broke a bone. I wanted for a lack of a better name – “Preventive Therapy”. I tried the Y, Curves, Sports Center, Senior Activities Centers but for me they were either a social club or I was lost in a group without direction.

Dr. Patrice Hazan’s qualifications are certainly impressive- her vision is new and innovated and absolutely right on target for today’s senior needs…..or more specifically… needs! I went to GroupHab, not because of surgery or a fall or any of those things- that I, and most people, associate with the need for physical therapy. My problem was a normal, aging body that just didn’t respond the way it did when I was young.

Thanks to therapists at GroupHab, I can honestly say, they have exceeded my expectations. The changes continue to come- most of the time without my realizing the change has happened until during a normal activity I realize I am doing something I haven’t been able to do for some time. I walk down steps, inclines, without fear of falling. My coordination/flexibility has improved. My legs are stronger for climbing and stooping down and then able to rise without holding on to something. My endurance is so much better. Many of the exercises are designed to challenge the brain/memory. It’s been exciting to experience these changes.

I read the definition of a Physical Therapist and have included it below. Patrice and her staff certainly fits this description and for me- the last sentence describes what GroupHab has done and is continuing to do for me!

Physical Therapist: (according to the American Physical Therapy Association):
“Physical therapists (PTs) are highly-educate, licensed health care professionals who can help patients reduce pain and improve or restore mobility- in many cases without expensive surgery and often reducing the need for long term use of prescription medications and their side effects. Physical therapists can teach patients how to prevent or manage their condition so that they will achieve long term health benefits. PTs examine each individual and develop a plan, using treatment techniques to promote the ability to move, reduce pain, restore function, and prevent disability. In addition, PTs work with individuals to prevent the loss of mobility before it occurs to developing fitness- and wellness- oriented programs for healthier and more active lifestyles.”

Pat Ayers

"I have been going to GroupHab for over a year now and GroupHab does a wonderful job helping their groups to exercise properly so they can become stronger, have better balance, and better posture. I really enjoy their classes and know I am in better shape because of these classes! Come join us."

Lois Heits

"As seniors, my husband, Boo, and I just wanted to “keep moving” without so much pain and fear of falling. Since joining GroupHab, our lives have been so much better. My balance is better, as well as my strength and stamina. My husband’s back problems have improved and he enjoys more flexibility and less pain. The GroupHab team is so kind and patient with us. They allows us to work at our own pace until we are stronger and can do more. GroupHab is such a professional, makes our classes so positive and encouraging. And it’s fun, too!! GroupHab is a wonderful place to get better, and we are grateful to Patrice and her GroupHab classes for all they offer."

Helen Francis

"GroupHab has been a Godsend for me. Starting in March of this year, it has given me my independence and quality of life back. I was born with cerebral palsy, but in adulthood, I was starting to experience the loss of some simple things that I could no longer do for the first time in my life. The biggest example I can think of is not being able to put on my own shoes and socks. As my friends and family would tell you, one of the things I never want to lose is my independence. I also find pleassure in helping others, so not being able to perform the simple task of putting on my own shoes was hard for me to accept. Increased pain and falls were also starting to happen even with a therapy pool and outpatient physical therapy. 
Since discovering GroupHab, I now have an opportunity to benefit as well as enjoy being in classes with other adults and share in some of their experiences and difficulties that they have. Being able to attend all levels of classes and enjoying cardio, yoga, DanceHab, and Simple Step for someone like me has been fun even if I am holding onto a bar for balance. I am still able to move to the beat and exercise like my other classmates. GroupHab is so unlike a traditional exercise gym or program, which I have tried before with no luck. Here, I feel like I belong. They even miss you if you miss a class. It is a wonderful group of people, and Patrice and her staff are always right there to assist and modify things for me so I can keep up with the beat like everyone else. Because of GroupHab, I know I will be dancing at my niece’s wedding next year. And take it from me, it’s hard to believe that just a few months ago, walking was a difficulty."

Cheri Carson

"I want to tell you how much help you and your staff have been to me both before and after my right knee replacement surgery. I have been attending the “Strong and Steady ” class. I have had a lot of improvement in my balance and stamina since coming. I am grateful to have my knee back to normal and my strength much improved. I would highly recommend this company for someone looking for a place where you can get custom exercises."

Suzanne Serra

"For the past 8+ years, I have been dealing with back pain and irregular gait issues. These are the result of NPH (Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus) which affects mostly males over 60 years of age.
I had been to 6-8 physical therapists during this time, but none were successful in treating me. In fact, several actually caused more pain.
In May 2015, my wife recalled reading a newspaper articles the previous month that described a new approach to therapy introduced by GroupHab in Simpsonville. Having nothing to loss, I called GroupHab and scheduled a consultation. (The pressure was on to do something since in 2 months I was to walk our youngest daughter down the aisle at her wedding!)
Patrice assured me that he approach would be effective and painless. She suggested I participate in two of her classes each week for a month and evaluate the results.
My strength, balance and gait improved substantially, and I have been attending almost daily ever since. I plan on continuing for the rest of the year, and maybe longer. 
Oh, and by the way, our daughter’s wedding came off without a hitch-even the father/daughter dance!"

John Peden

"After several falls, I knew I had to find a strengthening/ exercise program and improve my balance. I was discouraged after touring the local gyms. Their programs were not able to help me with the challenges I have. I saw an article in the newspaper about GroupHab and immediately called for an assessment. The GroupHab staff chose the classes that would be perfect for me. They are so positive and encouraging.
“You’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.” With this quote resonating in my thoughts, I started group therapy exercise and my path to wellness. From the moment I walked through the door, everyone has been so supportive. Each person in class has a different story, but we are all working toward the same goal, to be as strong as we can be. The exercises can be adjusted to be a little more challenging, the bar is always there to hold onto, and the chair exercises are awesome. In one month, I am feeling hopeful, stronger, enjoying new friendships and so grateful that I found GroupHab."

Karen Benoit

"I attend GroupHab’s well and fit classes. I have even joined in the arthritis classes at times. GroupHab developed an individualized workout for me to follow when I attend these classes with my wife. I find the workouts to be extremely helpful in building strength and cardiovascular fitness. GroupHab is great to work with and is very skilled at designing an exercise program that meets each person’s individualized needs. We are so glad that GroupHab has started this program and know it will be a great benefit to our community."

Joe Peden

"I attend GroupHab Classes 3 times a week. They have been a tremendous help to me in managing my arthritis. Grouphab's staff is knowledgeable, patient and caring. She has designed an exercise plan for me that has strengthened my legs and helped me climb stairs more easily. My balance has dramatically improved and my joints are much more flexible. My energy level has significantly improved. I am so thankful to be part of this program."

Pat Peden

"I started taking the Well and Fit class two weeks ago, mostly for balance with a vestibular disorder. I can honestly say, I can see a difference in the way I feel physically, medically and mentally. The staff makes the classes fun, not a chore. Every class is a little different."

DeeDee Keir

"Fantastic! I am so glad this sort of exercise class is available here in Simpsonville. It is a boon for seniors who want to keep moving. I felt better after just one week."

Carol Cadwallader

"Started at GroupHab a few months ago. The GroupHab staff is wonderful! She takes her time with her clients, explains what best fits your needs and goals. For someone like me who has never really exercised GroupHab made me feel very comfortable and gave me the confidence I needed to really get serious about exercise. They makes it fun and I look forward to her classes!"

Evelyn Witte

"I started in GroupHab at the beginning of the year. There are several types of classes which are offered so the therapist will pick out the ones that best fit your needs. I enjoy this ability to vary my exercise.  The GroupHab staff are great teachers and very dedicated to their work. Because she is a licensed physical therapist she knows all of the various muscles of the body and what exercises are best for you. I really enjoy GroupHab classes and I feel that they have helped me already."

Chris Ortscheid

"My mother, who is 87 years old, has been attending exercise classes at GroupHab for several months. At the initial evaluation, Grouphab determined that my mother was not able to participate in the group classes due to her lack of strength and endurance; she also had a great deal of difficulty with her balance. GroupHab worked with Mom one-on-one for a few months. In that period of time, my mother gained strength, endurance, better balance, and confidence.
As soon as Mom was deemed ready, she joined a strength class led by Patrice. I have been amazed at her progress; she is even stronger, her balance is better and she has more endurance. Plus, she actually enjoys the exercise and the comradery with the others.
I have watched many of the classes and have been very impressed with the level of the exercises, the improvement of the participants, and how much fun it is. The GroupHab has shown a great deal of sensitivity to each individual’s needs and abilities. She encourages each one to do his/her best while making it enjoyable for all.
I’m not sure what my mother’s condition would be if we had not found GroupHab- it has truly been a remarkable discovery for her and her improvement is nothing short of amazing."

Barbara Himic

Most professional, knowledgeable and caring physical therapist I have used for treatment! Owner has doctorate in physical therapy and year of experience. Her team is also accredited. In addition to individual treatment, GroupHab conducts group exercise and strengthening classes. So different from a gym! Classes are top notch and fun with wonderful people. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND GROUPHAB!!

Suzanne Englemann

"Twenty nine years ago I had a massive stroke while on safari in Africa. It affected my left side, paralyzing my left arm and leg. The doctors told me I would no longer be able to walk or use my left arm. After many hours of therapy and a lot of hard work I had a significant recovery.


I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you for having found such a professional group and I wanted to thank you for all your help. All your therapists are kind, professional and patient. My left leg has gained a lot of strength and after a few therapy sessions with your team I am able to walk around my house freely with the help of a walking stick or my walker. The exercises you sent me have been very helpful.

Here in Greenville, there is no other place like yours. Your clinic, with such a strong team of therapists and a fantastic leader like yourself, will have much success."

Jorge Perez-Rubio

I have only recently started with Grouphab in Simpsonville, SC and I already see a huge improvement with my chronic lower back pain problem and my inability to move about freely....the board certified geriatric specialist is working hard getting my back, ham strings, muscles, etc., in shape so I can continue my treatments by joining the group exercise classes....I highly recommend Grouphab to anyone with any type of chronic conditions for affordable specialized instructions using physical therapy concepts to manage your for an appointment for an evaluation and let them tell you what they can do to help you, and you will be as amazed as I am at how much better you will feel...

Phylis Edwards

"I am sitting outside GroupHab in my car waiting for my wife to complete her class. I am watching all of the people coming and going, many with canes or even walkers but all had smiles on their faces! Clearly GroupHab is helping so many people maintain or improve their mobility and thus their and thus their daily lives. Great work GroupHab! You are making a positive difference in the lives of many!! Thank you. May God bless you all as you truly are serving others!!"

Ron Ortscheid

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