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Experience the Difference


GroupHab’s® Mission:

To transform lives by linking physical therapy with fitness so that all individuals can improve health and mobility and optimize the human experience.


GroupHab’s® Vision:
A world in which every person is empowered to achieve maximal health and wellness.


GroupHab Physical Therapy and TherHab Fitness are founded with a passion and a belief that there is a better way to provide physical therapy care. Treating the whole person with long-term solutions, GroupHab physical therapy provides the individualized care you deserve! We always provide 1:1 treatment, never "double booking".

We strive to listen to patients, creating treatment plans specific to patients needs with a goal of providing life changing results!

GroupHab Physical Therapy is a one-of-kind clinic! In addition to providing 1:1 personalized care for older adults (billed to your insurance) we also offer long term fitness solutions developed and supervised by physical therapists. We focus on KEEPING patients strong and well with physical therapy guidance in medically targeted fitness classes.  The classes are designed and supervised by our physical therapy staff.

Following physical therapy treatment with our Geriatric Specialists, you can attend our physical therapy designed and supervised group fitness program TherHab Fitness- Yoga, Tai Chi, CoreHab, Aerobics Functional strengthening and more!   


The idea for this novel delivery fitness classes  originated from frustration with the current PT medical model-- expensive short-term individual therapy does not KEEP patients managing chronic conditions well. Physical therapy is effective but expensive and short-term, yet patients need to continue to exercise or they will lose the gains they made in physical therapy.  


It was very discouraging discharging patients from PT treatment knowing they would be back in a few months because they were not exercising effectively at home or in their community- so we developed a solution! A wide variety of rehabilitative group fitness classes (TherHab Fitness) for seniors managing chronic conditions. Combining physical therapy treatment concepts, principles, and theory with music, a system of rehabilitative wellness care was crafted that is safely allowing seniors to move and feel better. 


Physicians and physical therapists can refer patients to our medically targeted, evidence-based, PT-designed programs to KEEP patients fit and srong. 


At GroupHab Physical Therapy, patients will receive 1:1 individualized care that includes long-term solutions to empower patients to stay fit, strong and well. Following physical therapy, patients can continue to exercise under the supervision and guidance of a physical therapist with our small group classes- TherHab Fitness. 

Our physical therapy and Therapeutic Fitness classes (TherHab Fitness) are perfect for anyone looking to exercise with the expertise of a physical therapist:

Exercise for Parkinson's Disease Management and Treatment

Non- surgical approach to joint or back pain

Exercise Following a joint replacement

Balance and Fall prevention

Exercise for to improve balance

Exercise for arthritis pain

Exercise for Stroke rehabilitation

Exercises for osteoporosis management and prevention

Exercise for vestibular disorders

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