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What Type of Exercise is Right for You?

What type of exercise should you do...?

Whether frail or fit everyone needs to exercise to stay healthy and well. But which exercise is best- especially if you are frail? Yoga, aerobics, strength training, TaiChi, treadmill …. ?

A recent study by the National Institute of Health

found that a combination of interventions including aerobics, strengthening, balance and flexibility offer the largest improvements in rate of falls, walking, balance and function in physically frail older adults.

It is very difficult for frail individuals to get all 4 of these components of an exercise program on their own;

particularly aerobic exercise, due to a risk of falls. The study found that aerobic exercise and endurance training should be part of the exercise routine for frail, elderly individuals. How can you achieve this?

GroupHab Wellness has crafted a solution – attend our PT designed, evidence-based classes at least 3 times a week and receive the recommended amount of exercise for prevention and wellness. All wellness classes include safe aerobics.

In addition to the wellness classes we offer specialty classes:

YogaHab, JointHab, ChiHab, and CoreHab. Contact us for more information!


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