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What's New at GroupHab! November 2018

GroupHab Member Reassessments- Stay Well with your PT

GroupHab will be offering reassessments for its members on every Wednesday through the month of November. Appointment times will run alternatively from week to week in the mornings and afternoons. Sign up sheets are located in the front reception area, so if you would like to be reassessed please feel free to sign up!

November Membership Challenge

November is here, and with it the monthly member challenge! We are looking to encourage consistent exercise, fun, and of course some friendly competition 😉 This month, members who attend a class three or more times per week for the entire month (November 5th-November 30th) will receive a GroupHab gift and be entered into a raffle to win a fantastic prize! Look for the sign-up sheet hanging in the main gym area. If you successfully completed October’s challenge, make sure to pick up your prize next time you are in! 😊

Monthly Member Meet-up

To further build our GroupHab community, we will be hosting a monthly “Member Meet-Up” for education and fellowship. This week’s membership meetup will be on November 14th at 3:30 p.m., with special guest Dr. Patrick Brenner. Dr. Brenner is a registered dietitian, and will be presenting on smart, useful, and easy ways to keep your nutrition in check! If you have had issues with keeping a healthy diet, or if you just want to learn more about how certain nutritional habits affect you, you will not want to miss this opportunity! Stay tuned for plans for December and January meet-ups. If there are specific topics you are interested in discussing, please let us know!

New Classes

Starting November 5th, Grouphab will be rolling out 4 new classes! SteadyHab, CoreHab- Basic, CoreHab- Advanced, and StrengthHab Circle.

SteadyHab: This entertaining class is full of variety with low impact aerobics followed by a wide range of challenging balance and agility exercises using principles of neuroplasticity. Functional strengthening exercises are performed with a balance component. Time will fly with this energetic, constantly changing class.

CoreHab Basic: CoreHab Basic will be the base level of our CoreHab class, going over basic moves to improve core stability and posture.

CoreHab Advance: will be for members who have had experience with the CoreHab class and are looking for more of a challenge. Exercises like one legged bridge’s, planks, and crunches are just some of the moves that would be a part of CoreHab Advanced curriculum.

StrengthHab Circle: This class will have the aerobics, strengthening, and balance, that you love with a general StrengthHab class, but the aerobic and strengthening portion will be done with members standing in a circle, with each member trying to coordinate and sync their movements with the other members in the class. This will challenge coordination, balance, and footwork as you try to stay in sync with your fellow classmates!

Class Schedule

  • MoveHab will be on Thursday’s at 2:30.

  • YogaHab Chair and JointHab: Get Moving will continue to be part of the afternoon schedule at 3:30 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

  • A new CoreHab- Advanced class will be added from 1:30-2:30 on Wednesday afternoons.

  • SteadyHab will be at 9:30 on Wednesday mornings.

  • StrengthHab Circle will be held at 11:30 on Thursdays

  • Additional afternoon classes are still available by appointment and will run if three or more individuals are interested each week. Please see attached class schedule with these changes.

Presenting at the SCAPTA Convention

GroupHab has not only been selected as a top 3 clinic in the state of South Carolina, but Dr. Hazan and Dr. Walter have been chosen to present at the next annual South Carolina American Physical Therapy Association convention! They will be speaking about how music can be used as a therapeutic tool to help patients reach their goals.

Thanksgiving Break

With November and December comes the holiday season! Just a friendly reminder to all GroupHab members that we will be closed for Thanksgiving Day and the following Friday. (November 22nd and 23rd). We hope that everyone has a wonderful thanksgiving with family and friends! 😊

Thank you for being part of our GroupHab Family!

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