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Improve your posture with 4 easy exercises

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

It does not matter how attractive you may be, if you walk into a room with a flexed and slumped posture you will not be looking too good! Not mention, you will likely have back pain! Poor posture leads to stressed muscles and ligaments so as a result, poor posture and back pain go hand in hand. In contrast, tall, straight posture and a strong core can make a person appear confident, strong and young as well as reduce back pain.

Many older adults struggle with poor posture and often assume that rounded shoulders and a flexed spine are part of the normal aging process. This is absolutely untrue! Poor posture comes from weak and tight muscles that occur as a result of sitting in flexed positions for long periods of time!

Thankfully there are a few simple exercises that performed regularly can keep you standing straight and tall!

  1. Standing backward bend: Stand with feet shoulder with apart, place your hands on the back of your hips – slowly lean back arching your back bringing the hips forward, hold for 15-30 secs and repeat 3-4 times a day

  1. Scapular retraction: Hold onto weights with arms by your side- squeeze your shoulder blades back together- hold for 15 secs – repeat 15 times

  1. Chair sit-up: Sit on the edge of a chair – keeping the back straight, lean back at the same time you are extending your legs, return back to the sitting position. Repeat 10 times

  1. Doorway pectoral stretch: Walk into a door frame- place your hands high on the door frame and lean in – you should feel a good stretch in the front of your shoulders and in your pectoral muscles. Hold for 30 secs, repeat 2 x a day.

Poor posture is not part of normal aging and can be prevented! Performed daily, these simple exercises can have a profound impact on improving the way you stand and feel.

If you are wanting help to improve posture and core strength and reduce back pain, GroupHab physical therapy in Simpsonville offers individual PT treatment and affordable small group exercise classes.

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