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This is no ordinary rehab facility

Dr. Patrice Hazan talks about the benefits that GroupHab Physical Therapy brings to their patients.Lauren Petracca, The Greenville News

I’m not sure if I’ve ever met anyone who enjoys physical rehabilitation. At least not until I came across Carol Cadwallader.

Carol is one of my faithful readers, and she thought I might be interested in doing a column about a place in Simpsonville called GroupHab, which has done wonders for her.

“I have benefited from their classes for three years and feel so lucky that the owner decided to set up shop here in our little town,” she wrote in an email to me.

So, after becoming convinced that there must be something special about what’s going on at this place, and that lots of other people would surely be interested in learning about it, I decided to pay them a visit and meet Carol, and some of the others whose lives have been changed through the classes they’re taking there.

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