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Greenville News: GroupHab Works to Keep Seniors Healthy and Happy

In more than 20 years of work as a physical therapist, Patrice Hazan became all too familiar with one particular cycle.

After helping patients get back to full health following weeks of therapy, Hazan would excitedly discharge them with a home exercise plan. Then a fe

w months later, she would see the same person with the same problem and start the same process all over again.

"More often than not, many for very valid reasons, they are not able to keep up at home, so they become deconditioned and then their doctor is writing another referral," Hazan said. "It was just like a revolving door of needing physical therapy."

Hazan wanted to find a new way to help those in need on a more permanent basis and she believes she's found it. Hazan in the owner and instructor at GroupHab, a group physical therapy wellness exercise center.

"For years and years, I thought, 'why don't we offer more for our patients besides just right after injuries or right after surgery. Why don't we offer something to keep people well,'" Hazan said.

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